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The search for the best credit providers has tackled Frank Theiss for you. In the search for the best credit providers, we looked around. Conclusion – The No. 1 e-book for a loan without private credit!

Selena and dimensional accuracy 

Selena and dimensional accuracy 

She is a sexy, smart and bustling woman in her late forties. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she opened her own chic lingerie shop in Berlin with much effort and heart and soul. After ten years, she has to give up her business, overcome severe humiliation and powerless powerlessness. Based on personal experiences that give credibility to the book.

The self-debt: The self: The indebted self: That’s it: Narrative processing of personal bankruptcies

In Germany, since the deadline of 31 December 1999, the exemption of the residual debt from private debt has been enforced. For this purpose, an education program is provided for in the bankruptcy code, with which the over-indebtedness proves to be “honest” (InsO §1) and thus as a financial debt. Based on conversations with debtors evaluated through narrative analysis, the author explains how these demands and thus the debt are internalized.

By examining the narrative as a discourse-like self-constitutive act, the work provides a methodological and methodological contribution to the investigation of subjective empiricism.

Banking Part 1: Programmable tasks with solutions 

The proven banking exam training “Banking” focuses specifically on exam-relevant points, so you know what is important in the investigation. It enables the independent application of the knowledge acquired in the training and prepares systematically for the final exam. This part 1 contains over 400 program tasks with detailed solutions.

The subject area is borrowed from the valid examination catalog for the bank audit. In the completely revised eighth edition, the current legal status has been updated. The direct debit procedure was transferred to the direct debit procedure SEPA. In addition, task recording was supplemented by new auditing-relevant functions.

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