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What is the private credit bureau?

What is the private credit bureau?

If you already have a bad entry in the list or the private credit bureau score is not good enough, it can be very tedious because all domestic credit institutions are forced to legally inspect the private credit bureauakte a loan application is only possible with foreign banks What is the private credit bureau? In Germany, a private economic information service in Germany.

The aim of the company is to provide its contractual partners (banks, trading companies and other service providers) with information about the creditworthiness of third parties. Around three quarters of all Germans have a file created by the foundation. In the case of a loan application in Germany, the lender checks the documents of the consumers and thus the debtors.

Should consumers have a negative contribution from the company due to payment problems, this can lead to problems with a new credit application. Because foreign banks, especially from Switzerland, have no institutions comparable to Switzerland, debtors with a negative entry in Switzerland are more likely to receive a loan. For foreign banks, the credit rating is checked differently and calls for higher credit security.

If you do not have it, you can co-finance the repair with a microcredit. In addition, it is questionable whether you can get another loan amount from your house bank if one is already serviced. The funds should be provided promptly as the vehicle is needed again as soon as possible to ensure a quiet day.

Online portals where you can get up to 1000 EUR in microcredit.

Online portals where you can get up to 1000 EUR in microcredit.

A small loan is not a installment loan, ie the loan is immediately reimbursed in full. Micro-loans usually have very short-term maturities. Among the providers in the network, which regulate the granting of loans through foreign banks, is also our test winner Expresstor.

With our test winner, you will receive an uncomplicated and uncomplicated, creative-free microcredit. First applicants can receive a scholarship of up to 199 EUR (soon 500 EUR). Existing customers also have the advantage of being able to apply for a loan of up to € 600. The advantages of xpresscredit at a glance: It is recommended that the day of repayment is the day on which the borrower earns his income in the bank account.

The loan calculator calculates the total loan costs incurred. To apply for a loan, the consumer must register on the xpresscredit website. The Xpresscredit requires a mobile phone number because a text message is sent for credit, transfer and reminder. Our test winner needs the address of the lender.

For foreign applicants, a valid confirmation of registration is required in addition to the passport. This is important if the loan can not be repaid. The loan guarantee has the disadvantage that the loan is immediately paid by Expresstor without further paperwork. Expresstor also requires a copy of the ID card and a collaborative PostIdent procedure for borrowers and their guarantors.

The express transfer ensures that the requested loan is transferred to the bank account on the same day. For this purpose, the loan must be claimed before 12.00 o’clock of a working day. The express transfer makes this our fastest credit in our credit test. Conclusion: A small loan without private credit bureau is possible.

The foreign credit institutions, especially from Switzerland, grant loans without founding. The small loan can be ordered directly from home on the Internet. But even with a microcredit without creation collateral positions are required.